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Thread: 2017 Calendar is Ready.

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    2017 Calendar is Ready.

    Hello All,

    I received the proof copy of the calendar today and they are ready if you want one.

    The major change this year is that I will not be handling the sales and shipping this year.

    If you want calendars go to this website and preview it. You can then order them directly.

    Thanks to everyone who submitted pictures.
    Jim, SCCoA Member#: 2789

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    Got mine ordered! Thanks Jim
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    Just bought mine!

    Went with a large one to put on the home office door. Lots of pretty Birds and Cats so why not??!!
    Building an 89 SC for Open Road Racing. You name it it's being bolted on and replaced from SCP. Safety first and that costs even more. Roll cage, halon fire supression system, Lexan windshield. keeping the stock interior as best possible ! I'm going to pull fifth gear and keep my foot in the supercharger.

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    Thanks for the heads up Jim!!!!

    Ordered 1 and is on the way :-)
    Tom Downs-member#2752
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    Im wanting one of the XL sized !!!!
    Anthony Arnold
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