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Thread: HP guesses in the new year.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by plethaus View Post
    Here is my own car. You can see I hit the rev limiter in second.. I ran into it just because the powerband is now so much more linear that 6000 feels like 5000 used to (I was still getting used to that.) I am taking it back to Dave this summer for E85 conversion 'cuz it's easier to find it here than 93 octane is now. Also note how the camera gets pushed backwards in perfect time with the way the power comes on, lol:
    I love the way that thing sounds. Racecar exhaust FTW!

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    Quote Originally Posted by XR7 Dave View Post
    It's a dangerous game to play. One person has a personal experience that they consider to be gospel, someone else bets their kids future on achieving the same result and boom. I have played that game many times and the longer I live the more I realize that it's a fool's game. One person might be fine with the idea that their engine might explode at any minute but the next person might consider that traumatizing.

    It would have been very easy for us to turn the boost up on our $200 JY motor and "see" where it goes but if I have learned anything over the years it is to act more responsibly than I think. So that's what we have done here. With the right pieces in place, we will satisfy everyone's burning desire to see what is possible vs. what is responsible. And no, that doesn't mean we are going to blow up a stock 3.8L. What it means is we are building a solid bottom end and some good valvetrain so we can safely turn it up.
    That's the smart route. Either way, I'm impressed at the power levels you're currently at on a stock bottom end.

    I'd finally figured out why my Mustang wasn't idling right after I'd installed the cam last year was a bad/ errant injector. It was driving me nuts. The car was running pretty good still, but it felt like the AFR's were off. I'd installed new injectors last week after troubleshooting a bunch of things and some smoke tests and various things and it's a completely different beast.

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