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Thread: Having some troubles with my 1996 Thunderbird 4.6

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    Having some troubles with my 1996 Thunderbird 4.6

    Hello from sweden! Having some trouble with my 1996 Thunderbird wich someone here might be able to help me with.

    Was out driving in around 50mph when it suddenly stalled, towed it to my work and swapped the battery out today.

    It runs perfectly when cold, but at soon as it gets a bit warm it stalls and does not have any idling at all.

    i have cleaned the air flow sensor, fuel pressure regulator works, fuel filter is new. I was reading online about the IAC being the fault, but can't seem to find it, if it even excists on this car.

    Running out of ideas here...

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    Could be a coil issue after it gets hot.. I know on the SC's in the early years the DIS would get hot if the heat sink didn't cool and cause this issue. I know you have a 4.6 but it can be an issue along with plug wires arcing especially if they are on the exhaust manifold.... Just a thought if you don't get anything out of the Codes...
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    did you get a check engine light? try to pull diagnostic codes. IAC "idle air controller" is the valve on the throttle body.

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