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Thread: how much do we save in weight?? aje "K" member setup...

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    nice rack...

    Quote Originally Posted by NASTY V6 View Post
    Picture of the rack

    Attachment 66677
    This is the replacement rack for this car. As you can see there is some chrome on it. So it does look better than the stocker and does not weight anything like the stocker. I will get it in the car tomorrow and see how it all fits....Rich
    Too many cars,too little time to drive them. Anything less than 500 cubes is a small block. If you slow down in life you will get run over..

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    Quote Originally Posted by pro street rich View Post
    The kids got me lots of gum this year so I should be able to stick everything back together if need be.. You got to first get past Scott, then you can worry about my hot P.S. I have dropped more than 800 lbs already so that is almost a second off my time in itself....
    I don't expect that you will be in the same class with me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pro street rich View Post
    I think if you take that car apart you will find a lot of other things that no one knows about... Got to give him credit, he does have not only a fast car, BUT something that you can drive all over the place.. He has done the power tour a bunch of times and always drives it home at the end.. I can't say that I would have something that could do that....Rich
    Just a conversation I had with Kurt about his stock single intercooler with his setup and how he had been badgered to change it. Like he said, "It works."
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    Figured I would add some more weight details to this thread. I will add to this as I gather more data. I am getting my weights from a older USPS scale that I have.

    Stock 93+ spindles with hubs and sway bar end links both are just under 38 lbs.

    2-2000 Mustang PBR calipers/brackets pads and bolts and 10.6" rotors just over 46 lbs.

    Both front struts with 1-1/2 lowering springs and both upper control arms 62 lbs even.
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