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Thread: 1992 SC 112k kms, mint with a few upgrades.

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    1992 SC 112k kms, mint with a few upgrades.

    So i'm finally posting up about my 92 SC. It has 112k kms on the car. The odometer was replaced by ford at roughly 70k kms and the new gauge has only 35k kms.

    My 89 i had i took it out with two deer, i feel in love with the SC plus i always wanted to drive a supercharged car. So the hunt was on for a replacement. I looked at one it was an 89 or 90's anyways compared to my SC it was a ~~~. Power steering squealed louder than a pig in heat, sunroof was screwed and leaked. The car had major issues with power while my 89 went like a rocket. So i passed and the guy was kinda shady.

    My sister showed me my 92, the old guy who posted up said it had 300K kms. I hummed and hawed then said screw it lets look at it. So we go down and look at the car very clean inside and out, a few minor paint blemishes. The old guy who was selling it had a stroke and was getting rid of anything he didn't need anymore. He took me for a cruise in the car and kinda made me nervous because the car was stupidly fast.

    So he takes me around the block, i drove it back and fell in love with it. He was asking 1800 i pulled his rubber arm and said i'll give you 1600 cash no more questions. Hummed and hawed and we had a deal. I felt like i stole the car from him because about a month prior he had the car at 3-3500 can't remember exactly.

    I was giving the car a quick wipe down with a cloth when i found the tag from the dealership with the corrected kms and well if you drive an almost brand new car it's easy to tell.

    My goal with the car is to keep it all stock. There has been some work done to the car. Shift kit, deeper pan for the trans, trans cooler and a different stall convertor not sure how much but i can rev the car up to about 2500 before the rear wants to spin and Front frame connectors. That's all i can see haven't had the car on a lift yet. I'm still not sure why the Gauge was replaced, i'm wondering if rear gears have been replaced the car does seem to run at a higher rpm when in OD and cruising at 1-110 compared to the 89 i would say at most there is a 500 rpm difference, i didn't own the 89 long enough for a good comparison.

    Right now i have to fix the radiator so no pictures, i'll get some up once the weather gets nicer in canada.

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    Sounds like a nice find. Enjoy.
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