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Thread: how many use chassis dyno?

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    how many use chassis dyno?

    How many of y'all use the chassis dyno? What does it cost? What documentation do you get? How many times have you used one?

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    If you aren't getting any kind of discount, dynos usually cost about $150 for the first hour, and $100 for each additional hour. Some places will let you rent the dyno for the whole day for $500 or so. Some also offer group or 'club' discounts. In my club, we all dyno three pulls for $40 per car.

    Typically they will give you a printout of your dyno runs with horsepower and torque on the same graph against RPM, and printouts of your wideband O2 readings for each run.

    I have dynoed DOZENS of times.

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    i went with the SC club and it was $75 or so with our discount. pretty cool graph they give you.
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