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Thread: Miles put on non-daily drivers per year

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    Miles put on non-daily drivers per year

    I'm getting ready to get my car inspected this month and I looked on last years inspection sheet and I've put less than 300 miles on my car since Feb. 2016. I'm curious to how many miles others put on their non-daily driver SC's in a year.
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    that all depends...

    Quote Originally Posted by nickleman60 View Post
    I'm getting ready to get my car inspected this month and I looked on last years inspection sheet and I've put less than 300 miles on my car since Feb. 2016. I'm curious to how many miles others put on their non-daily driver SC's in a year.
    I have some stuff that never left the garage last year.. If I get busy I don't take everything out for a ride. I guess I am the exception as I got a few toys and never a lot of time to play with them... Some times I get yelled at for having too many, but oh well, it keeps me out of the bars and in the Rich
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    I force myself to put about 100 miles a month on Y2K TBRD. Took a couple of in state trips that added about 1000 more, so about 2000 last year. The more I drive it, the better it runs
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    I'm guilty of not driving the SC enough, especially since I got my Mark in 2010.

    Quick rundown... since I bought the car in 1999 I've put 24k miles on it; and the first year of that it was my daily so figure 10K right there.

    I attached a snip of all the fill ups since I've been tracking it on Fuelly. If I didn't bring it to Carlisle in '14 and '15 that number would be scary low.

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    Last few years it hasn't been on the road more than 50 miles due to building than rebuilding stuff. This year I hope to change that and drive it more. Probably still not drive it more than 200 to 300 miles a year as it is just a toy for me


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    About 2k last year for SCARlet.
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    Pretty sure I put about 1000 miles on my 92. That will at least double this year since I'm doing the Hot Rod Power Tour again.

    The Anniversary had about 200 miles
    My 95 was neglected this year...less than 30 miles
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    I make sure to use both cars at least a couple of times a month, weather permitting. Weekend type driving mostly. If you aren't going to drive them what's the point of having them? And since I do a couple of long distance trips each year, the Shoot Out and Summer Blast for example, I generally average about 2000 miles on the '95. I drive the'94 more frequently, using it on weekends with the occasional weekday night out, and I put about 4000 miles on that each year.

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    I put between 1,000 to 1,500 miles a year on the Coug, and about 30k split relatively evenly between three other vehicles. Weather permitting, I get the car out at least a couple times a week. I plan on doing a few legs of the Power Tour this year, so it'll be more like 3k miles this year.
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    About 37,000 on the SC over the past 10 years.

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    I usually put about 1200/1500 on my sc a year and Iput 36k on my fusion and 12k on my truck in 2016
    With a big whopping 0 miles on the cobra.
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    I average about 1600 miles per year on my SC. Id like to do more, but i can't stop "making it better!" I think it might get more miles this year.
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    I think I get about 2500/yr on my various SC's. I never get to go anywhere in them though so that is kind of self defeating. I don't try not to put miles on them, I just don't drive them that much. I don't have any low mileage ones, so it's kind of like I want to put miles on them but I can't seem to manage. lol
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    I'm hoping to put many on mine this year. Engine is at the machine shop for some slight prep work. I look forward to having her on the road within two weeks.

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    I drive my Sc unless pulling a trailer from about April to October pending weather(snow/salt) id guess about 10-12k last year.

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