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Thread: A9U2 and wiring harness

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    A9U2 and wiring harness

    In need of an A9u2 computer and attached harness. LMK what you got. Thanks!

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    san lorenzo

    I have the ecu

    90.00 to youre door

    Let me know
    1989 t-bird sc auto
    1992 t-bird sc 5 speed
    1995 t-bird sc 5 speed

    all stock but getting together some parts so i can have more fun!....

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    With no harness it is not much use to me unless I can find someone with just a harness. If not I already have a quote on both pieces from Bill@SCP. I am just trying to see if anyone else has something they want to part with that will save me a few bucks. I may try to see if I can come up with a way to remove the harness tomorrow. With the bolt stripped though I am afraid anything I may do to try and remove it will damage the harness itself.

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    I have the harness and ECU, $150 shipped for both.
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