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Thread: ABS Accumulator

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    ABS Accumulator

    Does anyone know where you can buy the accumulator ball for the ABS system on an '89?
    Have tried looking through the threads but have not had much luck finding up to date information.
    I'm hoping that will solve my hard pedal and brake lights on. Brakes lights have flashed on and off for awhile but pedal finally went solid.
    Any help or information on locating one or if you have a spare for sale please let me know.


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    Victor - has had new ones in the past for a good price, but I think he is still waiting for more stock. You might see if you can get on a waiting list.

    Other than that, I've not seen any source for new.

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    He has them, I got mine last month.
    1990 XR7 and 1955 F250!

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    Thanks for heads up I will give them a call tomorrow.
    Thank you

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