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Thread: Scp vs spinning wheels interior kits

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    SCPP kits

    I did the premium anniversary kit in my anny from SCP. The back around the fold down was not made right. Sent my old one in and they made a match. Other then that it took some time but turned out very good. The black was a little grayish at first but after using conditioner on it ,it blackened up. The fit is good, but as stated before either heat gun or I used a steam gun to form and tighten up areas. Also added more foam on top of rear head rest bumps.

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    Mine are from Spinning Wheels. Only thing I notice is that after 6 or so years the back seat stitching had started separating. Otherwise the leather itself is real soft. I went perforated centers. Now I saw the kit in Bills car (SCP) and the leather seemed a bit thicker or more textured. From my understanding there may be several choices (for example a heavy duty kit which may explain the grainier texture). Installation is pretty straightforward. Only difficult part in my opinion was where the switches go...That was a PIA. I went with the best deal in the end. My leather was so hard it was a huge difference both in looks and feel.
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