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Thread: How does one become a 'Club Member'?

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    How does one become a 'Club Member'?


    I've recently bought a 95 Manual Thunderbird SC coupe. I found the forum online, and registered, but I was wondering what it took to become a 'club member', and read the 'members only' forums. It seems like there's a wealth of information there to help a new owner out, but when I click on a link the forums are marked 'private'. I can't seem to find the link on the SCCOA forum page to sign up for the 'club'.

    I have no problem paying dues, etc., I'm just wondering how to join the club.



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    Gotta go into settings, on the left hand side you'll see My account and Paid subscription.

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    Cost a whopping $15 a year..................
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    Thanks for the tips. I'm all paid up, at least for the first year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickleman60 View Post
    Cost a whopping $15 a year..................
    And is well worth every cent.
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    Welcome aboard Alex!!!

    Good luck with your 95 Super Coupe, lots of info lurking around here!!!
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