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Thread: First sc but second t-bird.

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    First sc but second t-bird.

    I just bought my first sc with like always a blown head gasket. I was looking on Craigslist and found an add for a 1991 t-bird sc with all options besides the 5 speed (its a automatic sadly) for 800 dollars. I called the guy up and offered to trade my saab 9-3 for this car. But he needed to get rid of the car, not get another one. So he said 500 and the car is mine. So I jumped on it and called it a "deal". I drove 3 hours out to get it and now its sitting in my drive way 1/3 of the way done taking the heads off. I've owned a 1995 LX with 4.6 modular motor which was burning oil and the car it self was not worth keeping. So I traded it for my motorcycle. So I know the basic concept with these cars (at least I thought I did) now I found out that a sc is a car out of its time. Arc, and if I understand correctly this car doesn't have manual brakes? This is all new to me. But I don't care... This is my favorite car and I'm looking forward to working on it. There is one issue I'm a little afraid of, I looked all under the FX and, no rust. But I found a huge hole on the drivers side of the body right under the door hinge, not on the floor its below the bottom drivers side door hinge. Is this a common place for rust on these cars? It look like I might be able to fix it. But besides that, this car is in pretty good shape. No dents or rock chips. Its a really straight body. Straighter than my other t-bird. It has been repainted flat black. Has black leather interior, the seats have some rips but the rear seat and headliner are in near perfect shape. I plan on driving this car as my daily, so I don't mind minor things like the seats or small dash cracks. To many people this car doesn't look like its in good shape. I guess My other t-bird was in so bad of shape that I think this one is near flawless. Besides the head gasket. Anyways... If you read this, thank you. I plan on staying on here for a while because that "search" button is my favorite. I sit on here for hours reading up stuff and I don't spend enough time actually working on my car. So I hope everyone has a good day, please wish me luck as I wish you all luck on your projects.

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    Welcome to the forum !! New here myself. Rust is never good. Can you post a photo?
    *edit* Auto tran option 5spd standard. SC brakes power. ABS maybe.
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    If I can figure out how to post pics. I might need to jump on my computer to figure this out. And thank you for the correction on the automatic being the option. But from what I can describe about the rust issue is that I can see what looks like some sort of foam insulation? The metal that's missing looks to be sheet metal. I have no idea how it rusted out. Because the other side (the passenger side) is perfect, no rust. And I highly doubt the car was in a flood. The door seems to close fine considering there's a hole close to the hinge. When I bought the t-bird I didn't see the hole it's kinda hard to notice.

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    Welcome and congrats on the find she will definitely be a project car for sure.

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