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Thread: Leather back seat repair

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    Quote Originally Posted by KMT View Post
    Didn't Duffy used to tell us that some of the leather was vinyl 'coated' and that's why saddle soap was a waste of time?
    I thought I remembered someone saying there was a protective film over the leather too. I think they tried removing it with brake fluid on a rag. I don't know if I would be that daring. But if I recall correctly, it worked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KMT View Post
    Wonder which brings more $ on resale...

    My Anny lets me sit on pig skin and isn't my DD now, which falls to my 2002 Windstar w/cloth - I don't mind either.
    Ha ha you are funny. Like our cars are worth anything. We mod them to our liking not for resale.
    1990 XR7 and 1955 F250!

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    Quote Originally Posted by J dot Miller View Post
    We mod them to our liking not for resale.
    Cheaper to keep 'er

    Last car I modded for resale was a '49 Ford...went from a 6 cyl. flathead to an 8. Turned a sweet $50 profit on that one and it didn't even _have_ seats.
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