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Thread: Props to mywhite89

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    Props to mywhite89

    Just purchased the '95 SC he and his wife were selling. The description of the car and its condition were spot on, in some cases even better than advertised. They were very responsive, answered all of my questions (and there were MANY e-mails/texts before we met), gave me references of folks who worked on the car (who verified and confirmed the condition of the car) and had paperwork to back the numbers. When we did meet, they spent 4-5 hours with me going over/inspecting the car (inside, out, underneath), showing me what it could do on the road, and answering more questions. They showed me the quirks and imperfections up front (the usual stuff that comes with a 20+ year old car) -- didn't have to 'discover' them for myself. They were very flexible and accommodating throughout the process (I came from out of state to see/purchase the car), went above and beyond in my opinion, and stayed in touch with me as I drove it back to ensure no issues with the car.

    Just a great car and even better people!

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    They are very good people! Enjoy your new car we sure will miss seeing it at the shootout!
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    Thank you for the kind words. I could talk Super Coupes all day so the pleasure was ours. I am just glad you had a successful 1000+ mile drive home. That's probably more miles than the car has driven all last year combined. I expect all of my cars to be able to make a trip to California at any time which is 2k miles from my house. I would say that you came close enough to meeting my expectations!! Anything you ever need, you know how to get ahold of me. Enjoy

    Chris & Sarah Homan

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    Congrats and good luck, you purchased a sweet SC!!!

    Like David said, it will be missed at the upcoming Shootout Events unless the new owner happens to make it out to an event?
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