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Thread: holy cow we all better run and hide..

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    Quote Originally Posted by neverfastenough View Post
    They look pretty pinched? sup with that?
    Assuming your talking about the tires, they are Nitto 555R 305/35/20 mounted on replica 10" wide wheels. Most people mount the same tire on 9.5" wide stock wheels, but I wanted t be able to swap them out in the winter. I would have prefered 10.5" wheels, but they were on a nation wide backorder for 6 weeks. They look okay to me, but the short sidewalls may be what looks pinched to you. Here is what they looked like before putting on the car.

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    10.5 or 11 would have been sweet, those will work, you'll just give up a half inch of tread per side, as seen by the dirt on the tread in your first picture.
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