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    Car is an 89 SC. For the last few thousand miles, if I hit the brakes with any decent amount of pressure, even just tapping them, the brake light and abs light would come on momentarily. I thought, oh well, I'll get around to finding out what it is sooner or later. Well, as I pulled out of the parking lot from work, both lights came on and stayed on. Crap. About 150 feet later I almost died in an intersection because, well, surprise surprise, the brakes don't work well! The brake pedal is firm, requiring a lot of effort to depress. There's no 'give' to them. Just really hard to push down. I know what air in the lines feels like cuz I've had that issue in an 81 Skylark that my dad and I bled the lines on. This is a different feeling, much like the way the brakes feel after you pump the about 15 times when the car's off. Real stiff. I checked the fuse box and the abs fuse is perfectly fine. I looked at the brake pedal equipment up behind the dash and it's all good. I looked at the brake lines and there aren't any leaks. I looked all around and under the brake fluid reservoir and abs gadgetry below, and there aren't any leaks. There's a lot of moisture now, due to yours truly accidentally overfilling the reservoir because the fluid was low. Very low. I thought, what's to hurt by topping it off and pumping the brakes 150 times. Which I did. Needless to say, I topped it off a little too much and when I went to pump them...yeah. Also, when I turn the key to the 'two-clicks-forward/accessory-mode/on-position', whichever terminology is preferred, there's not the familiar sound of a little pump running and gradually winding down. Before this...episode...I'd turn the key to to 'on' position and hear this pump. If I tapped the brakes, I'd hear it again. It lasts around four seconds, maybe a bit longer. One more thing: my brakes don't squeak, unless I barely touch them, due to a slightly warped rotor.

    So here's a breakdown:

    ABS light on
    Brake light on
    Brake pedal stiff/very little give
    Fuses fine
    Brake pedal equipment fine
    Low brake fluid (before I attempted to top it off)
    No leaks around the brake fluid reservoir
    No leaks around any of the brake lines
    No pump sound in the 'key on' position
    Car had brakes done at 69k, now has 136k

    Just want a thought or two from all the experts before I give in to the temptation to throw $$$$ in black saleen speedstar rims, big brake upgrades, and 93+ hubs/spindles at my car, which I'd love to do but probably won't anyway. Thanks guys!
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    Your Teves Mk II Integral ABS isn't running.

    This is probably due to the relay failing, caused by the pump motor running too much, caused by the accumulator ball failing.

    Duffy's tome on these brakes is a great starting point - here's one link:

    Note: Also, there's a LOT of articles on the ABS system on the earlier SCs here. Toss it to Google, and let it find the articles for you.

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    So how does one change/replace the accumulator, hydraulic pump motor relay, and pressure switch? By process of elimination, it is most likely one or more of these. This article was immensely helpful, by the way.

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    By process of elimination, it is most likely one or more of these
    I did a write up on the accumulator:

    Be sure the pump is working first.
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    Be aware that your Teves II unit has a thermal cutoff switch. When the pump motor runs excessively, it can overheat which can cause a fire hazard . So they equipped it with a thermal switch that stops the pump motor until it cools off. That can take a few minutes or an hour or more. If you find the brakes start working again, thats usually the reason for it.

    The thing to do is replace the accumulator, and cross your fingers and hope that the motor didn't wear down the brushes from the overuse. Otherwise, it will eventually need to be replaced. Its a crap shoot finding a good used pump motor. Some of us even rebuild/repair the ones we have.
    I've done that a dozen times or more and from my experience, I'll offer this guidance.... consider going with conventional brakes instead LOL..

    The hydro-boost master cylinders look like a great long term solution, however, they aren't that cheap.

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    Alright, guys. Thanks for the help so far. I feel like my nuts-and-bolts mechanic skills could get me through this one. I'll start with the accumulator. Does anyone know where I can find one without ordering the whole dang assembly?

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