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Thunderbird owners will be showing off their iconic Ford vehicles in a first ever "Thunderbird Appreciation Day" May 21st, 2017. The three large Thunderbird clubs; Classic Thunderbird Club International (CTCI), Vintage Thunderbird Club International (VTCI) and International Thunderbird Club (ITC) are encouraging their members to take their Thunderbirds out, individually or in groups, to places for the general-public to see, to learn more about and to just plain enjoy.

"This is not an organized car show or meet with dozens of classic makes and models of vehicles" said CTCI president Bill Long. "Rather, this day has been set aside for owners of Ford Thunderbirds, wherever they may be located, to drive their vehicles to a coffee shop, a diner or park, maybe even to church or to work. Just like these 'personal luxury automobiles' were used originally."

"We want every Thunderbird owner to get their car out in public" adds VTCI president Rod Wake. "Sure, they can meet up with others. The important point is to get their Thunderbird out for others to look at, ask questions about and maybe bring back a memory or two! It is surprising how many folks say they remember riding in their parents or grandparents Thunderbird!"

It shouldn't be surprising though since the Thunderbird was produced over fifty years by Ford Motor Company, from 1955 through 2005. With over 4 million Thunderbirds produced during that time, it is still not common to see a Thunderbird on the road today, even later models. This is the reason that the three Thunderbird clubs have agreed on May 21st as a day to appreciate the Thunderbird.

"We know that our club members will bring out their Thunderbirds", said ITC president Gerard Bartarsavich, "but we need to reach that Thunderbird owner that isn't a member of a club. They are just as welcome to bring their Thunderbird out. After all this is about Thunderbirds and giving people an opportunity to see cars they don't usually get to see!"

For more details, each of the clubs will have more on their Facebook pages and websites. Thunderbird owners are asked to share pictures and stories that occur during Thunderbird Appreciation Day on these clubs' Facebook pages