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Thread: Engine install 1989 sc

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    Engine install 1989 sc

    Did my tear down quite a few years ago. I was only going to palace too end gaskets but ended up pulling the engine after I found wear the cylinders. Was wondering how far I can put the engine back together on the stand and safely reinstall.

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    I recommend putting the intake injectors, and valve covers on the top, and the exhaust manifolds, dipstick and motor mounts on the bottom. You can install all the pulleys on the front, but I put on the accessory brackets and intake return plenum/supercharger on afterward. Be mindful of the brake booster reservoir housing and and the cowl pieces. Keep your chain as short as you can. I remove the cowl covers and the passenger side vent shield (where the BAP is clipped on).
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    I actually usually put it all together prior to dropping it in, including the accessories, supercharger, intercooler return pipe, wiring harness, and even the radiator hoses. Remove the radiator itself, the intercooler, and the whole wiper cowl and linkage to give you more room.

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    If you mean ready to drop in, here is one example...(might be a lot of weight for the stand, tho):

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    Don't forget the engine-side motor mount brackets.

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    Engine install

    Thank you for the information all replays are helpful

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