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Thread: Coverlay Dash Cap

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    Coverlay Dash Cap

    Anyone bought a Coverlay dash cap for a 1989-93 Thunderbird lately?

    If so, how was the quality and the fit?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TSC89 View Post
    Anyone bought a Coverlay dash cap for a 1989-93 Thunderbird lately?

    If so, how was the quality and the fit?
    Jim i had a dashcap before i converted to mark 8 interior and it fit ok. The only issue with the one i had was the grain in the cover was too different from everything else. If i had to do it over id of just had the repair done like chris wise.
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    I have one on my 91...It fits pretty good and the texture IS different,but for now it will do....A word of advice, Take your time getting it to fit,A heat gun on low setting is your friend, just be careful....I put mine on with the windshield out and laid some heavy bricks to hold it down while the glue dried...and make sure to wipe the old dash down with alcohol and make sure everything is clean....Oh yeah,the insert on the passenger side will need to come off and the groove on it will need to be sanded off....
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    I put one of these in my 89 - want to say lowest cost online if you're shopping was on also.

    Pretty much same reviews as the others...grain is different - besides that really nice piece. The kit comes with a 2 part epoxy to adhere it indefinitely to the dash. I Installed mine similar to a dash mat without the glue - after a year of the sun beating on it, it lays pretty flush. Comes in a black plastic finish which worked for my purposes - not sure how well they hold paint.

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