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Thread: Weight of a 3.8 raw block?

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    Weight of a 3.8 raw block?

    Searched and did not find info for just the block. Want to get one from A to B. Any suggestions? NAVL wants $520. MN to WA.

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    I don't know the exact weight, but it is light enough for one person to lift and carry, so probably somewhere in the 70-80lbs range.

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    $520 for a raw rotating assembly...just the block?

    Might want to consider Greyhound also...I've shipped 5 bumper covers and gfx pieces all over the country for $85...long as it's under 100 lbs and will fit in the luggage area of the bus its good to ride.

    Only catch is you have to pick it up at a greyhound terminal.

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