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Thread: Pulling my transmission

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    Pulling my transmission

    I'm finally getting around to pulling my m5r2 out of my 1990 after a busy winter I wasn't able to get to it until now. 3rd gear started grinding at the end of the season last year. So far I purchased carbon fiber lined synchros and just ordered the clutch. I'm probably just going to get the flywheel resurfaced. Anyways I'm wondering what else I should do well it's apart. I'm thinking about changing the rear seal well it's out as a preventative measure. The car doesn't appear to be leaking oil but I have about 130,000 miles on it. Any input would be appreciated.

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    I think a lot of folks would replace the slave cylinder while you have the transmission out. It would probably be smart to measure your before and after thicknesses on your flywheel as well. I believe there is a min thickness limit, but its not well documented.
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    If you resurface the flywheel you might want to shim the slave cylinder with thin washers and definitely replace it.
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