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Thread: Identify rear axle ratio

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    Identify rear axle ratio

    Hi all,
    Just bought myself a 95 SC with a warmed up engine, dyno says 330 rwhp. Don't have the specs yet but it's moving along quite well.
    Looking at the door jamb data plate AX=9 and TR=LKKJJ. Been trying to decode but no luck. Any help appreciated. By the way car is
    a Canadian car with km/h speedo.

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    The chart of axle codes doesn't list a code "9". Are you sure that's it?

    The L indicates a 4R70W transmission, the KK and JJ are the front and rear spring codes respectively.


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    If it is stock it is probably an open 3.31 for the auto cars. Thats what mine was.

    And 3.31 isn't listed in the Tccoa article so probably a good chance thats it.

    And the other 95 auto I have here has the code "9". But Id have to lift it to see if the stock tag is on the housing to see what that says.

    There should be a tag on the diff housing that will have the ratio on it. Would be something like 3 31 for an open 3.31 or 2L73 for a locker 2.73.
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    I suspected that was possible, I remember A-Train posting about those cars years ago. Never was under one in person to see it though.

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    I'll get under the car later and check.

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    If all else fails jack the car up and spin the rear tire 1 revolution and count how many times the drive shaft turns............
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