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Thread: Rear diff

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    Rear diff

    Is the reat diff (internals) interchangable with same from Mustang 8.8? Have a 95 SC.

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    I believe the ring and pinion are the only interchangeable things from a solid axle 8.8.

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    Disclaimer: I'm not an authority on differentials - particularly solid axle rear ends. But experience from shopping around and rebuilding my own....

    Most parts are interchangeable. The IRS has an additional set of axle bearings and seals for the half-shafts I think the pinon gear/bearing/etc. are all the same and the carrier bearings are the same too. The limited slip is the interchangeable, but the side gears aren't machined for the axle circlips on a solid axle rear end (but can still be used). Ring and pinion gears are interchangeable.
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