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Thread: Lower control arm

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    Lower control arm

    Has anyone ever had an issue with a new aftermarket lower control arm ( thanks BirdofPrey97!)?
    With it being new, the ball joint is so tight that the spindle is unbelievable stiff?
    I got the rack off, now the spindles are free flowing.
    Putting the passenger side wheel back on is when I notice how stiff that spindle was.
    It was so stiff, it took some muscle to move it!
    I am tempted to put it all back together and disconnecting that lower control arm to see if I get power steering back.
    I thought I'd chime in and see if if this has happen to someone before.
    I find it very hard to think yet believe a ball joint being so stiff it could stop the power steering from working!

    My previous post concerning this.
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    Did you try moving the ball joint by hand? I need new lower control arms and have feared the opposite - immediate slop. I've been thinking about going with new bushings and rebuilding what I have. Are you seeing zero movement or just very limited?

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    Could not budge.
    Used a pair of vice grips and was able to move it, but it was tight!
    I plan on buying a new motorcraft rack from rock auto.
    Put it all back together and see what I get.
    I cannot believe how difficult ford made it to fix their cars!
    Tried posting some pics, kept failing, with no explanation!

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