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Thread: Need help finding out what this part is

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    Umm ...

    Try adjusting the position of the switch.

    Sounds like it may be a bit too high (low?) causing it to be biased towards the "ON" position. Edit: Or possibly the "AUX" position, the one the other way for things like playing the radio with the motor off.

    What I did on my Cougar was to a) take the key out; b) loosen (but not remove!) the two security torx screws; c) adjust it to half way between the two "radio on" positions; d) tighten the security screws, e) verify it would go from AUX through STOP, RUN, and START properly. Took a couple of jiggers, but I'm happy with it.

    YMMV natch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KMT View Post
    Yep, it did.

    Good video, thanks - seems like either the rod is bent, and/or the switch/slide wasn't set right and it's not bolted in correctly. Not sure you _can_ bolt it in incorrectly as to where the bolts go, tho.

    The new switch comes with the slide pre-set in the correct position, usually held there with a clip that is removed when the switch is installed. The key should be in the off position, then the old switch removed, then the clip removed from the new switch and it is bolted in. The connector can be installed before or after, I think.

    Did you have any trouble mating the switch to the side of the column? Any issue installing the connector? Did you confirm the new switch looked the same as the old one?
    ''Twas a defective switch! Decided to exchange it at Autozone just to see, and the new switch works perfectly!

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    Good job - thanks for the follow up.


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