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Thread: Engine juddering at full throttle, tach gets stuck, Engine warning light on.

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    Engine juddering at full throttle, tach gets stuck, Engine warning light on.

    Hello guys,

    I am an SC owner in the UK have an automatic 1991 model. I have an intermittent problem where on hard acceleration the tach will get stuck and the engine struggles to accelerate, a juddering almost. Car continues to move but doesn't want to push on. The check engine light will also come on. This is an intermittent problem, sometimes it happens other times its just fine. I notice that on a hotter day this problem occurs more regular. As I'm in the UK I don't have ready access to parts as everything has to be ordered from USA which once shipping and import tax has been paid adds up to a lot of money. For example recently bought an accumulator ball for $150, once shipping and tax had been paid this had cost me well over $300. Hopefully someone knows exactly what the problem is before I start ordering all sorts of different parts to try and fix the problem. Your help is always greatly appreciated. Best regards from England.

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    Pulling codes will be a good help to us. There are quite a few tutorials on this if you're not sure.

    You mention hotter days. How high does the temp gauge go when you have this issue?

    Also - this sounds a lot like the symptoms I had when my harmonic balancer split. Not trying to give you "lock on" there but certainly something to check. Take a look to see if the outer ring is securely attached as it plays a huge role in managing timing with the crank sensor down there. When mine was wasted the timing was off the the car would not make power. See this thread for more details ->
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