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Thread: Cruisin the Heartland in downtown Elizabethtown, KY

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    Cruisin the Heartland in downtown Elizabethtown, KY

    If anyone is interested in a very cool and free car show and entertainment event here is one I will be going to on Saturday. It is in downtown Elizabethtown, KY where they close the streets after 9:00 so get there early if you want to have your car in on the car show.

    Check it out and post up if you are thinking about going.

    Venetian Blue 1995 5 Spd...............No ET
    Orange Crush Pearl 1995 Auto SC........TBD
    506.30 rwhp, 545.37tq

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    Are you planning to go this year? Im north of you in Louisville and if the dates work out Id join you and others if going.

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