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    2017 Upgrades

    Earlier this year I upgraded to the mp rotor pack and a fresh mpiii. I took the overdrive down from 33% to 25% and managed to gain roughly 2psi of boost and 20rwhp. Not shabby but the only track time I got this year resulted in a worse et but significantly higher mph which left me scratching my head. The only thing I noticed was it seemed like I was spinning alot. Fast forward to power tour and 2nd gear started slipping badly so I limped it home. I believe this was a problem for awhile and why the track times did not improve with added hp but mph did. All the gears work fine other than 2nd. I figure I will never be happy with an m90 on this motor and came across a opertunity to purchase Ken Wagner old 2.3l whipple setup! The car is about to go under the knife again. I have to reroute intercooler pipes also I am about to drop the Transmission to get it fixed. I also picked up a nice zex wet kit so I am ditching the dry setup. Stay tuned things are about to get really serious with this car! I feel like I laid all the groundwork for this with the engine build and fuel system. The only thing I am tossing around right now is to upgrade to a 95 mm throttle body or not.
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