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Thread: Pictures for the 2018 Calendar

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    Pictures for the 2018 Calendar

    OK, I have already received a couple of picture submissions for the 2018 calendar so lets get this officially started.

    Start getting those pictures of your Thunderbird's, Cougar's and Mark VIII's taken and send them to me.

    Get some good, high resolution pictures. I cannot stress this enough.

    The past couple of years there have been some great pictures but the resolution was way to low to use.

    Pictures should be at least 1 Meg.

    Multiple car pictures are OK providing you get all of the cars in the picture.

    Try to keep the backgrounds clean. No telephone or light pole sticking up behind your car.

    Give me some room to crop if necessary.

    As in the past, you can submit your pictures to my regular e-mail address. If you don't already have it, PM me for it.

    Deadline for pictures is November 12, 2017.
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    Thanks again Jim for organizing this.

    I want to reiterate the need for high resolution pictures. I'm not sure how many people bought the big sized calendars last year like I did, but there are a few pictures that really should have been higher resolution--these pictures may have be fine on the smaller calendars.
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    This is cool, I'd submit a pic but my new bird is more Roadkill style than pretty. But I'll buy one when they're available!
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