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Thread: would like to buy an SC in NJ

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    toms river,nj

    would like to buy an SC in NJ

    I don't car if it runs or is a rolling shell.. My only things that are a must: must have a sunroof, be a 5spd, and black or grey interior. I live in toms river, nj and would like one local please

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    35th Anniversary 5 speed

    I have a 1990 35th Anniversary 5 speed with all options and 53,000 miles im looking to sell. Car has lots of new front suspension and brake parts.
    I am a few hours away from you in Poughkeepsie NY. If this interests you let me know and we can talk more details.


    Email is
    '90 35th Anniversary 5spd 53k
    '95 SC 5spd 65k

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