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Thread: Want to weigh your car at the Shootout?

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    Want to weigh your car at the Shootout?

    Just wondering if I should bring the scales this year.

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    Yeah im really looking forward to see how much mine lost with all the changes ive made.
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    Hell yes I imaging I have added alot of weight! The whipple weighs ALOT more than the m90

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    Yes i'll have some different cars i would like to weigh.

    Thanks again.
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    next year for sure...

    I have a car that has been on a diet for the last year. it should be done for next years shoot out.. I hope it is going to be worth the name it has gotten......"money pit" or as the plate says "monypit" got to see where this one weights in at...Rich
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    Can I weight a person? Asking for a friend.
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