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Thread: 1995 SC PCM (4R70W) Expert Help Needed

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    1995 SC PCM (4R70W) Expert Help Needed

    Okay so I've learned my lesson on the 94 LX. Put a 1995 PCM in accordance with TSB-95-8-3 along with a 95 4R70W from a wrecker and the thing drives and shifts like a dream.

    Now a question about my 1994 SC. Two years ago I lost 3rd and 4th gear and went with a 2002 Mustang 4R70W. Shifts were much better (and of course could drive the car again). Fast forward to this summer where the 3-4 shift is super spongy. If I keep my foot in it the RPMs go almost to red-line. I quickly learned to either drive the car in town with OD off or I anticipate the shifting problem and I back off the throttle. The 2002 transmission has a 2002 valve body but is running the old harness and sensors from the OEM 94 trans (basically I was lazy with rewiring).

    I'm now looking for a PCM to put in my 94 that meets the requirements of the TSB but I'm having difficulty since these things are like gold now and I'm left wondering what revisions actually came in the 95 SC. Does anyone have the list of part numbers that came in the 1995 SC?

    I'm looking at F4SF-12A650-JC as found here in the for sale forums but it's not listed as a suitable part in TSB-95-8-3.


    Does any of this sound like I should be rebuilding the valve body? The 2002 Mustang trans had 4000 miles on it when the car was wrecked back in 2002.

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    Transmission problem sounds similar to this post and a valve body issue:

    Post your question there for a more detailed answer.

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    That IS a helpful thread and I believe I have read it before. However, I'm really needing to know more about the impact of TSB 95-8-3 and the idea that the PCM is eating my transmissions. I am convinced it's why the first one in my SC died and also why the trans in my 94 LX died as well. I will follow up on the advice around solenoids but am more curious to know PCM details. Any of you 94 owners have any additional details?

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