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Thread: ISO sc for Husband as Surprise

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    ISO sc for Husband as Surprise

    Just a small story. When we met back in 2002 he owned a 92 SC 5 spd and it was his baby. Not long after we met he blew the motor in it because of something with the freeze plug. The car ended up at a friends house and now is gone. In 2006 I bought him a 95 lx and he replaced the head gasket and hit some hard times. He sold it to take care of our family. Now I would like to get him another one since we are now financially stable. He knows how to work on them so even if its in need of minor repairs that is ok. His birthday is coming up in October but want to secure one and it be here by Christmas at the very latest. Please let me know what you have! I have searched the internet and not finding what I want.

    Do not want a white or red one. Black or grey preferred because thats what he prefers.

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    I have a 91 Auto I may be willing to part with. If interested I can message you with more details/pictures.

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