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Thread: 2017 Shootout parts wanted/for sale thread

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    2017 Shootout parts wanted/for sale thread

    Mods, feel free to move this thread to the classifieds forum if you think that's where it belongs. But I thought it would be handy to have a thread where people can add all the things they want to buy/sell at the Shootout so we can all save on some shipping costs.

    Others, please feel free to add your parts wanted/for sale as well.

    Everything below is for sale at the Shootout, but I may not bring parts that no one seems interested in.

    If the pictures don't work, go here:

    QA1 coilovers (used): Sold.

    Lincoln rear LCAs: $100 (per set). Torx bolts included. I have two sets.

    SHO 150 mph speedo: $75. Good upgrade for anyone with a 97 Bird/Cougar.

    Four sets of 93?-97 cowl trim: $50/pair or best offer. Three of the driver side pieces have a hairline crack at the windshield squirter. The other has a small crack that will be entirely concealed by the passenger side piece. No problems at all with the passenger side pieces.

    Gray cloth/leather SC front seats. Make offer. Pretty good condition. More pics here:

    95 Mocha cloth rear seat: Make offer. Very good condition.

    One driver side taillight and two driver side trunk reflectors: Make offer

    94-97 third brake light: Make offer

    97 Cupholder console & air tube: $20. Not great shape, but okay.

    RichardM intake tube for 94-95 4.6: $25. You've been around MN12s a while if you remember these. Replaces the violin case factory air tube.

    70mm TB for 94-95 4.6: $25

    4.6 underdrive water pump pulley: $15

    Mystery SC pulleys: Make offer. The middle one is an underdrive water pump pulley. Not sure on the others.

    Dual CD player: Make offer. No idea on specs, but I'll include the wiring that made it plug & play with the 97 LX I removed it from.

    Cougar Special Edition badge: $5

    I also have this 97 4.6 parts car, so if it has something you want, let me know.

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    Will, what did you run on the rear with the QA1's up front? Very interested in these since I can't locate Koni's...
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    Quote Originally Posted by rzimmerl View Post
    Will, what did you run on the rear with the QA1's up front? Very interested in these since I can't locate Koni's...
    The QA1s are already sold pending funds. Sorry.

    That said, I just ran Konis and Vogtlands in back on my LX. The QA1s were never on my SC.

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    Complete 95 SC A/C & Heater Box

    I have a complete Heater/A/C Box from a 95 SC complete with heater core, A/C Evaporator, blower motor, and blend door. All items work with no leaks in either heater core or evaporator.

    If someone if interested I will bring it to the shootout.

    How does $50 sound. let me know if interested.

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    If no one at the shootout wants a set of those aluminum control arms and your willing to ship I'm interested!

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