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Thread: Almost time to paint

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    Almost time to paint

    I'm going to be painting my 95 sc if all goes as planned this winter. I have been considering doing a color change. The color I'm considering is 2013 Ford Mustang "gotta have it green". A few people said they don't think it will look good on the bird. What do y'all think? Anyone seen it or have pics of one with a similar color. Name:  IMG_1415.jpg
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Size:  120.3 KB. This is the color for those who don't know

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    Personal preference

    If you like it, that's all that really matters...I think it would look pretty sweet if done well, would like to see the results. Similar in boldness to phatbird and I think that's a beautiful car.

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    I have..

    I have seen drove and sold this color mustang.. You will like it and matter of fact there are people looking real hard for mustangs that color.. The boss is the most looked for car in that color.. If you like it and do it right you will be very happy with it....good luck.....Rich
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