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Thread: Erratic speedometer?

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    Erratic speedometer?

    Hey guys. As title. I have an erratic spedometer.

    It has always had problems jumping around up to 60mph at random, whether the car is moving or not.

    I have already swapped out the VSS. any other places to check?


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    Good morning

    I would check:

    the instrument cluster electrical large gray connectors for suspect corrosion in pin wire(s), loose connector, and or chafe wire harness.

    the speedometer circuit board for suspect solder and or corrosion.

    If it no defects found replace speedometer.

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    Might just be the small plastic gears in the head unit...normal for them to go out after so many years - know if they've been replaced already?

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    Video for those interested!

    No idea whether the gears have been replaced at the moment.

    I will take the unit out tomorrow and check the connections. See what the problem could potentially be!

    Thanks for the pointers guys!


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