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    Support group

    Checking back in after the long hiatus. I got my blue SuperCoupe street racer back and can't seem to be in love, anymore I was excited to receive it and waited for it for a long time. I drove it twice the last two weeks, yesterday I was able to inspected it and got to drive it the entire day. The car is powerful Ira cough but I no longer like the feeling of driving it. I feel I went too far with the car and made things rough and raw in my persuit of making the car perform and last. Which means undoing things I done before. We call it the SC Shuffle.

    Well my list for the joy and pleasure killing.
    Odo broke
    Poly motor mounts, I now hate the vibrations.
    Solid IRS bushings, I now hate the vibrations
    The rear lower arms keep coming lose at the knuckle. Poly bushings in the rear suspension are possible to blame.
    I spent hours clocking the drive shaft still have high speed vibes.
    Rear caliper relocation bracket must be bent as the pad contact is flawed
    02 wide band keeps over heating
    I hate the headers, too much rattle from valve train and heat, yesterday I left the fiancé and newborn in the car with it running, while I went inside a store. I came Back to no clutch pedal, had I left the stock plastic line and not the viper braided, I would have been stranded. Luckily all I had to do is pump the pedal But still fluid is boiling out of the line.
    Paint flaws, mind you theyare minor, I can't say the car it is a show car.
    Interior wear and defects damn rubber texture peeling.
    Tensioners peeling
    Headlight bulb broke
    Accelerator pedal too heavy 95mm
    Clutch heavy
    The tb and tuning adjustment woes
    Reverse lights don't work
    Headliner small tears
    The car is loud, but the v6 doesn't sound good, injector tick, rasp and valvetrain.
    You get the point. I parked it and gave it a long stare and said well despite it all, I still like looking at it standing, regardless of it being a grandma car in base trim and inspire the fact that nobody but 3 ppl gives a hoot about the car.

    I don't have the time to be shuffling and I don't have the funds that require the maintenance and upkeep, so how do I get the spirit back? It was always the community that made the car special, the car was just something in common. But not sure if I even have time for the community.

    I'm the kid that left the school and came back a few years later to find out he is too different to be a part of it.

    Anyways any thoughts from the gang?

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    reinvent it. David niebert once told me, it will never be done.
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    You must be getting old. And so is the car. It is for sure hard to keep up with things as they get old. Your kids getting older and doing things with them takes alot of time. I'm in that position now, too. But I still love the looks and feel of the birds. New cars are nice with all the gadgets but I still like the raw low to the ground feel of the bird. Only thing I hate about my red car is the tire bounce, need new tires. Oh and the headliner falling down and the heat from the trans tunnel(think that is cause of aftermarket non insulated carpet) and I would like some new wheels but got no money.

    Anyway I think you can see where I'm going. Theres always things us car guys want to change about any car we really like. It sucks growing up. Take it out to some windy roads that always puts a smile on my face with the 5 speed car. Oh and put some red locktite on the bolt. That I could see getting old.

    I also don't know how it feels with the solid control arm bushings, but I prolly wouldn't mind feeling the road more, rather than stuff moving directions I don't want it to.

    Oh and if you want to get rid of it. I got Tree Fiddy.
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    Thank you for replying guys.

    Chris you might be spot on. You just reminded me why I put all the poly stuff on. It's a catch 22 on that. I want to put the stock stuff back on but don't want those said issues, broken motor mounts, wheel hop.

    I can't have it all with this car it's obvious no matter how hard I try. I focus on making it go, to keep up with the best but I throw the comfort stuff out the window. Maybe I was fooling myself into the compromise, but for what a good day at the shootout?

    The best feeling recently, was when I realized my ac works well and the card did not overheat. I brag about that now.

    Im not trying to nag or complain or sell it for pennies on the dollar. You can clearly see the frustration and it's not the first time. The idea of leaving the car outside and using it as a normal car comes to mind racking up miles, letting bird poop etch the paint, letting it corrode and depreciating it as you would a normal car.

    I'm I the only one who feels this pain? Not sure I'm I am being too negative I've been around for a long time.

    this year I see list to complete threads instead of the actual smack taking threads. Is that not a coincidence? Misery loves company.

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    I feel like you do about my car a lot. I have spent so much time modding the car and so little driving it. I love the look and performance but hate the V6 sound. Never sounds good like a V8. I painted it over 10 years ago and the paint is worn and plenty of rock chips. There is so many little things to do yet on the car and I spend so much time under the hood. I have no plans to get rid of the car but I dont spend near as much time working on the car as I use to and dont drive it much as it is more a toy than a drive it everywhere car. Guys like David Clark have far past me on detail and functionality. Guess my car and I are feel old As for smack talk my rival Ryan and I havent raced each other for a long time. This shootout I guess my sights are keeping up with Neibert's Whipple powered car.


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    Sad to see you blue Ricardo.

    One thing that's kept me going is the struggle. The struggle to go faster and only spend a couple hundred bucks a year on the lose at the Shootout, but barely! I've wondered what it would feel like when the struggle was gone. Although frustrating, to realize you'll probably never be the best at anything but to enjoy helping out the guys/gals that ARE the best are what make it fulfilling to me.

    Also, watching the "newbies" turn into the "veterans" is awesome. Especially when they get told their ideas are stupid, find out it's true, but still stick around Unfortunately, the inevitable will happen...there won't be any newbies. What then? I don't know....just inevitable.


    As long as people are making time to meet and wrench, the SC spirit will live on. Jacob, Dave C and Randy a few weeks ago are a great example! Life makes it tough sometimes, but I know there are many other members meeting up to mess with car junk...those are the best times.

    Small meets are vital to a club's existence....and they make the big ones even better!

    I'm always shocked to hear that some of you guys pretty much work on your cars alone (I do most of the I'm not excluded) seems to me that some of the strongest members have cars that have had "many cooks in the kitchen". Either that or their just too stubborn or maybe too dumb to

    I'd like to see more people come to the Shootout and/or Carlisle that have not attended before meeting SCer's from across the continent is pretty cool. As a matter of fact, my opinion of Canada has improved drastically just because of meeting some of our Canuck club members and hanging out with them a little bit.

    Also, it gets brought up all the time, but I think our club could use some some common "enemies"....GTP clubs are brought up often....but even like a SCCoA vs. TCCoA meet would be fun...I know some TCCoA members do already attend the Shootout, but making an effort to pit one club against another may revive some of the spirit that gets lost.

    I know I don't have any new ideas here...just that maybe it's time to do a little more reaching out to each other and/or other car enthusiasts...even if they're ricers! lol

    The SC-Shootout..... the people involved, the history of it, the banter, the TBU box of crap, the wrenching, the new people, the challenges, the food, even the drama and lessons learned is a great place to get new relationships and goals going. I wish we could give new-comers perks to attend. I wouldnt't even mind co-sponsoring new attendees, if that'd help.

    Hope you decide to keep going Ricardo - there are plenty of people that were looking for your car when you weren't able to bring it. You've been a key member of the club and have been missed!!
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    Yep, feel your pain Rico. Life is life and priorities change, and the SC is not at the top of the list. I'll find out how I feel behind the wheel again this weekend after 3 long years.... yes my car took that long because of life and some of the components didn't even exist until just a couple months ago...

    I think your Mustang is what you strive to match the SC too and it'll never get there.
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    Like Matt and Ryan have said.

    Its tough when you are the only one in an area. I've met a few guys from Yellow Bullet and going to the big races so that is kinda getting me in the mood again.... now I just need money.

    And you been playing with that Mustang too long.
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