Checking back in after the long hiatus. I got my blue SuperCoupe street racer back and can't seem to be in love, anymore I was excited to receive it and waited for it for a long time. I drove it twice the last two weeks, yesterday I was able to inspected it and got to drive it the entire day. The car is powerful Ira cough but I no longer like the feeling of driving it. I feel I went too far with the car and made things rough and raw in my persuit of making the car perform and last. Which means undoing things I done before. We call it the SC Shuffle.

Well my list for the joy and pleasure killing.
Odo broke
Poly motor mounts, I now hate the vibrations.
Solid IRS bushings, I now hate the vibrations
The rear lower arms keep coming lose at the knuckle. Poly bushings in the rear suspension are possible to blame.
I spent hours clocking the drive shaft still have high speed vibes.
Rear caliper relocation bracket must be bent as the pad contact is flawed
02 wide band keeps over heating
I hate the headers, too much rattle from valve train and heat, yesterday I left the fiancé and newborn in the car with it running, while I went inside a store. I came Back to no clutch pedal, had I left the stock plastic line and not the viper braided, I would have been stranded. Luckily all I had to do is pump the pedal But still fluid is boiling out of the line.
Paint flaws, mind you theyare minor, I can't say the car it is a show car.
Interior wear and defects damn rubber texture peeling.
Tensioners peeling
Headlight bulb broke
Accelerator pedal too heavy 95mm
Clutch heavy
The tb and tuning adjustment woes
Reverse lights don't work
Headliner small tears
The car is loud, but the v6 doesn't sound good, injector tick, rasp and valvetrain.
You get the point. I parked it and gave it a long stare and said well despite it all, I still like looking at it standing, regardless of it being a grandma car in base trim and inspire the fact that nobody but 3 ppl gives a hoot about the car.

I don't have the time to be shuffling and I don't have the funds that require the maintenance and upkeep, so how do I get the spirit back? It was always the community that made the car special, the car was just something in common. But not sure if I even have time for the community.

I'm the kid that left the school and came back a few years later to find out he is too different to be a part of it.

Anyways any thoughts from the gang?