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Thread: Blower pulley

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    Blower pulley

    I've heard reference to a 5% pulley and a chip that can make 60 or 70 hp on a stock SC. I want to give my 90 SC a little more grunt. I've got a new air induction system and ordered some hedders. Where can I find this pulley and chip? I'm not having any luck. Thanks!

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    1,542 has both of those, however it is not going to make anywhere near an additional 60hp. The smaller blower pulley on a stock early model blower will improve low and mid-range torque, however it likely will not result in any additional horsepower up top. The tune will help, but with a stock blower and stock injectors, your gains will probably be in the 15-20hp range. I'm not saying you shouldn't do these mods, just making sure your expectations are realistic. If you want another 60-70hp, you need a ported 94/95 blower with a magnum powers inlet, 10-15% OD on the blower (5% blower pulley and 10% jackshaft pulley for example), larger throttle body, larger injectors, larger MAF, better intercooler, and a tune.

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