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Thread: 2017 Shootout Dyno Competition Sign-up

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    2017 Shootout Dyno Competition Sign-up

    I will be handling the DYNO competition again this year, and will not be running around tracking people down when it is their turn. I'm not going to try to guess timeslots, so the signup list will be only an ordered list (if you don't want to run in the morning, chose a higher number). Participants (or representative) will be expected to check-in with me (or my designee) at the dyno 1 or 2 cars prior to their slot to ensure that they will be ready. If the participant cannot be ready for their anticipated slot, they must inform the next 2 participants on the list that they are being bumped forward....the delayed participant will be moved behind the 2nd car (example: car 1 is not ready. They inform cars 2 and 3. The new order will be 2,3,1,4,5....). If a participant is more than 5 minutes late for their slot, they will be considered a No-Show and will be moved to the back of the line. If a no-show participant that was moved to the back of the line cannot complete their dyno pulls because the dyno operation time has expired, there will be no refund.

    Unless I get help again recording pulls (thanks again for last year Rich), I may not be able to actively record every pull by every car. It will be the participant's responsibility to ensure their dyno numbers get recorded.

    I believe we have started around 10:00 am last year, but it might have been a little later. Reply to this thread with the position you want. Currently, there aren't enough people to fill the slots, so if there is a gap the list will be compressed.

    The list below is only for people that have already paid to be in the the dyno competition. If everything runs smoothly, it might be possible to add additional cars at the Shootout for a increased cost to be paid at the Shootout.
    Registered Dyno Participants:
    Ricardo Alfonseca (spot confirmed)
    David Clark (spot confirmed)
    Michael Inch
    Michael Mattix
    David Neibert (spot confirmed)
    Ira Robinson (spot confirmed)
    Jacob Royer (spot confirmed)
    James Smith (spot confirmed)
    Alan Stewart (spot pencilled in)
    Dan Thornsberry (via Sally)
    Chris Vining (spot confirmed)
    Ken Wagner (spot confirmed)

    First: Ira Robinson (Thanks)
    2: Ricardo Alfonseca
    3: David Neibert
    5: Ken Wagner
    7: Chris Vining
    9: James Smith
    10: Alan Stewart (buying you as much time as possible )
    11: Jacob Royer (you can arm wrestle Clark if it comes down to that)
    Last: David Clark
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