So the 94 teal is getting a new radiator and a few other items. I opted for a Spectra Premium radiator since it is all-metal and has a limited lifetime warranty from Autozone. During the install I ran into a few things that I wanted to share with the group as FYI. At the end, even though the rad seems to be constructed well and seems like it will do the job, I don't think I would purchace the same brand again due to the issues during installation.

Comparison of my old rad (I'm trying to find out what brand it is) and the new rad.

1- My main problem with the rad is the fact that the outlet for the upper rad hose is in a different location than the stock radiator and other aftermarket rads. I had to cut my new Continental (which I understand is the old Goodyear) hose in order to make it fit. I used a set of hose cutters and after trimming both ends, the hose fits fine. It's OK if you're using aftermarket hoses but I would really HATE to have to cut a set of hard-to-find OEM hoses in order to make them fit.

Spectra Premium rad at the bottom, old rad at the top.

This shows the old OEM motorcraft hose with the OEM location vs the location of the new rad outlet (with modified new hose)

Old Motorcraft hose vs new Continental hose...they're about the same size.

OEM motorcraft hose with the amounts that I had to trim from the new hose to make it fit.

2- Drain plug size seems to be different. In the rad that was removed, which is also an aftermarket rad, the thread size is m12x1.25. I had purchased a petcock with a drain (dorman Help! PN: 61123) which fits in the old rad, but does not seem to fit in this new rad. So, now I have to source one to install. The rad came with a plastic petcock with no drain. With the times I've had to drain the radiator recently, I refuse to install another petcock with no drain, so It's a bit of a hassle for me.

3- Radiator had debris inside. As I was preping the radiator for installation I heard something rattling inside. After much moving around I was able to get the debris. This is what was inside. I've changed a handful of rads through the years, but I've never seen anything like it. This kind of looks like defects in manufacturing and sloppy quality control. I can easily see this get pulled through the cooling system and causing issues...busted water pump, plugged thermostat, or worse.

After I get the right petcock I'm hoping quality will prove to be OK and I get many years of use but wanted to give you all a heads up. Caveat Emptor!