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Thread: JBL premium sound - Contour cd player wiring help

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    JBL premium sound - Contour cd player wiring help


    I request help wiring a Ford Contour CD player into my 1991 SC with premium sound. I installed a Contour CD player and it lights up and looks great and tunes to the next station, but there is no sound.

    Mine had the tape player and no CD. I found the CD player at the JY from... I guess a 2000 Contour. I am not sure, but it was made in 1999 and looks like this:
    Top is the new one, bottom is the old one.

    back of same.

    Wiring, before I tried to move stuff around as suggested by 35th.

    Here is the 35th, which I tried by switching the big blue wire into the empty spot, and it still lights up and still no sound:

    I am thinking next check the wiring at the amp. Just to see if it is all plugged in. Then .... Then take this CD back and try to find another one. I don't know.

    Thank you for any insight.

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    My 94 SC came with the JBL system and cassette tape player. I bought a head unit with a CD player like the one you have pictured and it was plug & play but your factory head unit looks completely different than mine.
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    Good afternoon

    I believe you will need a ford DIN jumper plug for the sound to work with you JBL head unit. Some audio repair shops have them. You might find them in your local salvage yard with JBL DIN head units in Lincolns. Be aware your ford radio/CD head unit is "iffy" at best See attachments.

    Good Luck.

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    You need this

    You need this jumper connector before doing anything else.
    These radio's are iffy at best nowadays and no parts are available to repair them.
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    Thank you.

    I have the jumper. It came with the cd player. I did not know I had it when I bought it. Great.

    I tested all of the voltages on the back of the radio at the power plug, pic below for your confusion.

    Name:  Screenshot.table.jpg
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    I moved the big blue cable from pin 1 to pin 2, so it is sending 12V to the Amp Power On (Logic Mute?), just like the old radio did. This 12V is making it to the amp connection in back.

    Any opinion of the reliability of the amp? Maybe the radio works and the amp does not?

    Is there an easy way to check the output of the radio? I get 4V at all the pins in the square grey wrapped connector with the radio on. This 4V signal is making it to the amp connector in back.

    I have an old stock tape deck. Maybe I will send that signal to the amp and see if it powers the speakers.
    I do not know what signal to send to which input at the amp. LH front amp signal return? why not just one common ground for all of em? huh.

    Maybe I will end up bypassing the amp, but I would like to stay stock-ish.

    Thank you for any input.

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    You may want to pick up an EVTM for your year SC...check eBay.

    And if it comes to it, note that scosche used to sell a jumper harness that bypasses the rear/sub amp - allows you to retain the stock speaker wiring between the dash connector and the speakers (minus the sub). I think the sub goes out more often than the amp.

    My stock JBL system didn't work when I got the car...someone had stuffed an incompatible Ford head unit in the dash and gave up from there I think. I replaced the head unit with a flip-out LCD Jensen w/GPS, handsfree BT, SD, USB, cameras, 5.1 etc.; replaced the CD player with an Alpine ctr. speaker; upgraded the door and back speakers; removed the stock sub & amp, and added a Fosgate amp w/dual 10" subs. The only stock item left is the speaker wiring and the power antenna.
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