I request help wiring a Ford Contour CD player into my 1991 SC with premium sound. I installed a Contour CD player and it lights up and looks great and tunes to the next station, but there is no sound.

Mine had the tape player and no CD. I found the CD player at the JY from... I guess a 2000 Contour. I am not sure, but it was made in 1999 and looks like this:
Top is the new one, bottom is the old one.

back of same.

Wiring, before I tried to move stuff around as suggested by 35th.

Here is the 35th, which I tried by switching the big blue wire into the empty spot, and it still lights up and still no sound:

I am thinking next check the wiring at the amp. Just to see if it is all plugged in. Then .... Then take this CD back and try to find another one. I don't know.

Thank you for any insight.