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Thread: Manual transmission - what kind?

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    Question Manual transmission - what kind?

    What kind of transmission do we have - T5 for a manual? What all do they go in and about how much would a rebuilt (new synchronizers) would one run about?

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    It's a Mazda m5r2. Used in pickups mostly but those have a different gearing and shifter location. Supercoupe performance sells sycrows but I just bought a reman for mine so not sure what it would cost to rebuild. Think I paid like 700 when I bought the rebuilt trans a couple years ago.

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    I only asked because I have a transmission that I read all the synchros in and I wanted to sell it for a fair price. So manual m5r2? How are the auto transmissions in the Thunderbird super Coupes? I only own two manuals and I'm looking at an auto with $3,100 in receipts around 130 k all original not a single aftermarket part for $2,000, would that be a decent deal? He spent a lot of money and putting a brand new suspension but it was a stock OEM suspension..

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