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Thread: M5r2 hard shifting

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    M5r2 hard shifting

    I recently replaced my synchros (carbon fiber lined) in my 1990. Along with that I had the flywheel resurfaced. By my measurements the shop removed .007 material from the flywheel an I used a .025 shim on the back of it . I replaced the slave cylinder, centerforce clutch, and 5th gear slider (still worked fine but looked pretty chewed up) I filled the trans with gm synchromesh and Ford friction modifier. I also added a B&M shifter.

    My issue is that the car shifts through the gears very hard/stiff even 1st and reverse. It will down shift alot easier and also at high RPMs but the shifting still.takes more effort than originally. The clutch disengages at about 1/4 pedal down so I feel the bleeding is sufficient and the clutch feels really good in general.

    Is this normal with these synchros or shifter?
    Is it something that will ware in later I've put on around 1000 miles since the repair. Is it possible I assembled something wrong. This is the first transmission I've disassembled however it seemed pretty straight forward to me. I took my time and was confident with the work I did.

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    Does it shift ok sitting still? That is with the engine off, can you work through the gears without a lot of effort? Then what happens when you start the car and go through the gears at idle? I have a similar setup, I swapped out for CF blockers and I used GM synchromesh + a few oz of friction modifier. Mine shifts great. However, I have the stock shifter.

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