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Thread: 1994 SC auto, non-running $900

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    1994 SC auto, non-running $900

    Location of car: Dothan, AL
    I'm finally selling my beloved 1994 SC, white automatic with Indigo leather interior. Has stock moonroof. Car quit on me 8 years ago,has been parked with car cover on it ever since, as I then took a long distance contract job and never got around to returning and fixing it up. Years went by, I said I would never sell my baby but I have no means to store this and fix it up to the way it was when it was on the road (I wanted to restore this with my son when he got older but that's a long way off). Less than 2k of these autos made that year, and very few SCs left, making them a modern obscure classic. This could be a parts car or for a lover of SCs to restore. Exterior paint is original but clear coat has been peeling. Only accident this car has been in was a fender bender to the hood and front end, damaged the original hood and radiator support but was fixed and I had a fiberglass Cobra RR cowl hood installed (factory struts in back and pins in front). The rear fascia has been repainted due to someone backing into me, cracking the paint only.

    Mods include:
    »Cobra RR cowl hood
    »70mm SCP TB (I have the original 65mm)
    »cat-back custom 2.25" dual exhaust with dynomax dual in-dual out muffler at crossover point
    »Eibach 1.5-2" progressive lowering springs (stock auto-valved struts)
    »Delrin intercooler piping gaskets at spanner nuts
    »Clear headlight and corner lenses

    Motor was rebuilt at around 100k miles. Speedo quit at about 111k (I forget exactly), and I put maybe 30k miles on it since that so it has less than 150k total. I was in the process of putting an aftermarket balancer on the crank to replace the old one, as I thought maybe that was one issue, but I never tore the motor apart to find what was wrong. The motor has been turned a year or so ago and regularly before that. I suspect cam sensor or something timing related broke, as the motor ran fine before it just died while driving normally. As such, I am not asking much for an unknown issue and that it's been sitting for years. I feel this car is worth restoring. At the very least, the supercharger is a valuable part and produced in excess of 15psi when full throttle. I took very good care of this car. The body is straight, and interior clean other than the heat cracking on the leather seats and dash from FL summer heat waves. There is a 10-disc pioneer CD changer installed in the trunk. The head unit was stolen. Also, the driver side window was broken and plastic is now covering the opening. The passenger window stopped right around the same time the motor did and is taped at the top to keep moisture out. That's all I can think of for now. The mods alone are worth more than what I'm asking for this fine car. The car is located in a church parking lot my dad is a member of, in Dothan, AL. I reside in PA so any questions in wanting to look at it in person PM me for contact info. Name:  18335710.gif
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    *Will post images soon...image shown is not actual car and is of typical hood w/clear lenses
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    Price reduced

    Still for sale.
    Need to sell my precious....lowering to $800. The hood and Eibach lowering springs alone are worth that guys! Interior clean and this car is worth a rebuild or fix to whatever is wrong with the motor. Indigo blue leather interior, only issue is the very common splitting of the seams at the top of the rear seats. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get my dad to send me any recent pics and I am 16 hour drive from where the car is, but it is as described above. Hello, are you still interested in this car?
    Can arrange shipping.
    Call 334-333-0668 for more info (my dad has car).

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    Where is the car at? Edit: Sorry for dumb question, just saw Alabama.
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