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Thread: The Black Cat (1995 Mercury Cougar XR-7) Opal interior.

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    The Black Cat (1995 Mercury Cougar XR-7) Opal interior.

    Well folks, I never envisioned that this day would come, but it has. I am listing the Cougar for sale. I still love the car and it has huge sentimental value (there's none in the price, don't worry) as it was my first car and my parents bought it new in 1995. It has almost 130k miles on it at this point, and it has gained 5 miles on it in the past 8 months. Perhaps that will put a little light on why I'm selling it. I have 3 cars right now, and I have nowhere to put them and the Cougar just sits, anyone who knows me or this car knows I only put the best in it and was all about attention to detail and doing things once, and doing it right. 99% of the time I used motorcraft parts just because. Here is the sad part, I only go see the car once in a while to start it up and idle it so all the fluids and systems keep moving. I simply don't have the time or space to do what I want to finish the car, and even then I wouldn't have time to enjoy it, so with that in mind I decided it's best to let someone else finish what I started, and keep the tires rolling with enjoyment.
    See below for specs, etc.

    1995 Mercury Cougar XR-7 4.6L 2V with 5 Speed Manual 2008 Shelby GT TR-3650 transmission swap.

    Here is the's extensive, the price is simply me trying to recoup some parts value, because I've been dumping money in this car since I was 15, I'm 26 now...I'll try to itemize part costs so you can see where the price comes from, I'm not pricing it at full part-value, but 50% of the parts on the car now have less than 50 miles on them, that's no lie. The car needs some minor work, finish assembling interior, get a fiberglass Cobra R hood, new tires in front. Otherwise it's turnkey and ready for a BLOWN 4.6 motor, chassis and suspension is built to hold 1k+ horsepower, it's bulletproof, everywhere; no dime was spared...

    Overall Specs:
    - NPI long block with PI intake manifold
    - Custom Dynotune for 87/93 Octane with XCAL2 programmer
    - 5 Speed Manual TR-3650 with 30k miles on it.
    - Ford 3.73 rear gears
    - Terminator Cobra 18x9" AFS replica wheels
    - Vogtland 1.6" drop springs with KONI Adjustables

    - TR-3650 Transmission ($850)
    - 4.6L Ford Nodular Iron Flywheel (~$200)
    - Jay Richmond UHMW sub frame bushings ($600)
    - Jay Richmond Delrin bushings EVERYWHERE ($900)
    - DSS Pro Series Racing Axles, 33 spline outer with hubs and 31 spline inners, Chromoly 4340 steel with Porsche joints ($1950 a set)
    - Brand new Ford Terminator Cobra 31 spline traction lock unit
    - Ford Racing Cobra Differential Girdle ($260)
    - Ford Racing 3.73 gears ($140)
    - Terminator Cobra Pinion flange ($20)
    - Driveshaft shop Custom 64" 3.5" Slip joint Aluminum ($499)
    - Performance Art Works Diff Mount ($300)
    - Gentex-177 Autodim/compass rear-view mirror (~N/A)
    - Replaced the entire body harness to get Keyless Entry (~N/A)
    - Rewired the car and changed modules and upgraded to 96/97 electronic cruise control.
    - Comes with uninstalled BRAND NEW Charcoal Authentic Ford Racing FR500 Steering Wheel. ($700)
    - Welding reinforcement (15lbs of welding wire added for structural integrity) and fresh black Powdercoated Sub Frame ($400)
    - Vogtland 1.6" drop springs ($120)
    - KONI Adjustable Front+Rear Sport shocks (No longer made) ($800)
    - Blaupunkt 420 BT Head Unit ($140)
    - Kicker Class D 300W Amp professionally wired. ($300)
    - Rockford Fosgate 10" Subwoofer, Sealed box. ($80)
    - Supercoupe Center console ($200)
    - Custom Wiring harness from Competitionlimited for 9006/9005 headlamp conversion ($150)
    - Mercury Grand Marquis headlamps ($60)
    - 13" Cobra brakes in front, 11.65" Cobra brakes in rear, with Braided SS lines and DOT4 Fluid ($700)

    I could go on for days, so when I list this price it's taking every part I installed and cutting the value by 30% or more in some cases, as I mentioned 50% of the parts have less than 50 miles collectively on them. Any questions, just ask.

    I have $1k in the diff alone in just parts, I did the work myself.
    Drivetrain is about $6,000 alone, sans the rest of the things I've done to the chassis, interior, wiring, etc.

    Price is $6,500 to take the car off my hands and that's pretty firm, please, no low balls; I want to see the car live on like Smokymance's did, so I'm selling the car as a whole; whoever buys it is getting a goldmine of parts, most of which are extremely rare and expensive. I know the value of each part and I've marked that down significantly as you never get that money back and I don't expect to.
    Thanks guys, I still have my Mark so I'll still be in the club, but the Cougar needs a new home.

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    you really should add some pictures

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleeper bird View Post
    you really should add some pictures
    Here's a pic of Ian's car on TCCOA.
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