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    how much to pay

    will be a new sc owner and wondering what to pay 93 black 50k miles auto all stock very clean newer tires and everything seems to work no moonroof or cd player

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    First off, verify that is the actual mileage. The gears in the odometer tend to break, which will allow the speedo to work properly, but the odometer just won't accumulate mileage. Any time you see low mileage on one of these cars, that is worth looking at. A dead giveaway without even driving the car is if the trip odometer is sitting at all 0's, most likely the odometer gears are broken, and in that case, figure that the mileage could be anything, and price it accordingly. If it really is a 50K mile car with no rust, no faded paint, no wear on the seats, and no mechanical issues, I would say it is probably worth about $3500. If it is clean with no issues and unknown mileage, figure about $2000. And if it needs paint, or rust repair, or the interior redone, or the suspension overhauled, the price will go down from there.

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    Without seeing it in person, etc. I'd say $2k ~ $3.5k

    See this guide for help checking it out:

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    any one near cincinnati, oh have one for sale

    wow glad I came here for information the seller is asking 5700.00 and will not budge from that price Any one knoe of a clean low miles stock SC for sale for around $3K

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    You're not going to find a low mileage SC for 3K unless you find someone down on their luck. 3K will get you a rust free 100k mile SC.

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