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Thread: Offical SCCOA Top HP List

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLOWN38 View Post
    It should be printed on the dyno sheet. Like 90blkbrd it says SAE power and torque.
    So letís enhance it IMO

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    On Mustang Dyno's you can specify any correction value you want, which is why it says "WCF" which simply means "With Correction Factor". In our case it's SAE as I have set and verified this myself, but it also means that another Mustang Dyno can have any "correction factor" in place and no way for you to verify it after the fact.

    This is one of the reasons that DynoJet is preferred for dyno competitions and comparisons. It's easier to compare the numbers because Dynojet software doesn't allow as many user input corrections.
    But Mustang Dyno's have way more capabilities than a Dynojet so for tuning purposes, it's vastly superior, but it is also subject to more manipulations.

    Other dyno's such as DynoPak and others are even more into the tuning end and less and less into the comparison end of things. A Dyno Dynamics dyno sheet has little relevance compared to a Mustang or Dynojet chart. There are too many user programmable variables with those dyno's since they are designed primarily as tuning tools, not as avenues for internet competition.

    It's also worth noting that Dynojet in particular has radically changed the way that it interprets the raw data during a dyno pull over the years. So if your shop happens to be using really old Dynojet software, or if you have a chart from may years ago, it's entirely possible that your numbers today on a modern DynoJet would be entirely different. This is one of the reasons that we find when everything is working well here (like it wasn't this year) our corrected numbers are nearly identical to those generated on Backstreet's dyno. They have the latest Dynojet software which is pretty accurate, and Erik is very adamant about his calibrations, etc. Since they do highly regulated dyno testing for the road racing community (like the American Iron Series, for example) their equipment has to be dead on and its verified regularly.
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    Ya thats why i tape mine down. People think its bc i dont have a moonroof seal (which is true) but its really to keep my roof from ripping off .
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