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Thread: What should be my next step in my quest for more power and better drivabiliy

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    What should be my next step in my quest for more power and better drivabiliy

    A little background 94 SC motor best dyno #s were 400 rwhp 450tq. Its been a long time since I have changed anything and I guess I'm getting excited to try something new with it. Things I would like to try and improve are the CAM, Lower Intake, Supercharger Inlet, Tuning, Fix or replace my super leaky Accufab 90mm TB.

    First Question - I'm keeping the 94 M90 blower, If I'm already pulling 600cfm threw the MAF is there any air left in the M90? Its overdriven about 12% has a 90mm TB, Magsnum Inlet plenum, home porting. Can I make any more power with this blower?

    Cam - I'm pretty sure I'm over camed for the flow of my heads.

    GROSS VALVE LIFT .548 .548
    DURATION @ .006
    TAPPET LIFT 263 273
    @ .050 INT 5- 39
    EXH 48 4-
    DURATION @ .050 214.00 224.00
    LOBE LIFT .317 .317
    ROCKER ARM RATIO 1.73 1.73 REQ

    Pretty sure this is the cam I'm running now, I was never impressed with it. Lost power down low pretty bad below 1500, feels pretty flat up top also. My boost dosent drop off at all at high RPM, so it seems the blower can keep up. And the number one issue is tuning. once I put this cam in idle quality just plain sucked. It took me years of tuning to get it to the point I can drive it and it dosent stall at every de-clutch. It has been to many tuners and no one could improve this. My heads were ported but the guy flowed them with a 4" bore so I don't know if the data is usable at all. The builder that installed new valves and guides after the head porter screwed them up said he didn't do much, he sure did charge me a lot. So do I change the cam to something smaller to improve drivability? Do I have my heads ported to better match the cam I already have?

    Lower intake - My lower has a raised roof like what coy miller did back in the day. I took it a little further by increasing the return pipe size and splitting the curve for more flow. I think the only thing this has done was screw up the air delivery even worse. Rear cylinders run pretty lean now. So I'm up for a clean sheet lower intake but I don't think there is any real power to be made. I have stupid ideas of making the floor of the intake go down into the valley of the block to increase volume but I'm sure me efforts will not be worth it. Any ideas?

    Supercharger inlet - This might be a place I can actually improve. If I rework my intake return plenum to give me some room I could section the magsnum (SP) powers inlet and increase its size. thoughts???

    TB - This Accufab is really a ~~~ and leaks so much air around the shaft its just stupid. There isent enough of a ledge to use any kind of seal. Everything I have tried has caused a sticking TB. Pretty much they use a open bearing and shove a rope looking thing in it to seal. It causes tuning issues for sure. Any Ideas???

    I'm not out to spend a lot of money and the m90 is staying forever. I can fab up just about anything you can dream up, access to many kinds of 5 axis machining and even metal 3D printing. But I'm more of a tig and pile of aluminum kind of guy. Anyways my true goal is better drivability, Tweaking what I have to maximize its efficiency.

    94 SC motor 55k miles built at 30k miles
    Ross forged 9.0-1 pistons
    H-beam 351 rods
    honed with deck plate 1% leakdown
    long tube headers
    duel 2 1/2 exhaust ( this is a mustang)
    front mount IC
    Quarter horse - CZAW0
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